National Prep was founded on the basis to provide students with a great high school education. It is our goal to teach students to be life-long learners and give them the ability to succeed in college and become productive young adults within their communities. National Collegiate Prep serves all DC residents.

It is our goal to provide a well-rounded educational experience for our students to include a rigorous college prep curriculum to prepare our students for college and give them an international experience including opportunities to travel abroad and learn about other cultures and customs while attending National Collegiate Prep.

At National Prep we believe:

  • Every student can achieve and meet high academic standards regardless of their learning ability, style or socio-economic status
  • Parental and community involvement is an essential ingredient for student achievement
  • Small schools promote improved student outcomes
  • Instructional methods must support the varied learning styles of students

Global Giving Campaign

Help students raise $15,000 towards a service learning trip to Panama  this year!

Web Series: Beyond The Classroom 

This series focuses on our students' personal life stories, and their life at National Prep. 


Paula Anderson - Student
"I love National Prep because it offers me things that other schools don't offer like a college plan, different courses that I wouldn't get at regular schools and their international studies program. My favorite subject is music because it is such a big part of my life and I love it. After I graduate National Prep I would like to attend Penn State. I want to study Psychology and they have a good Psychology department. I like helping people solve their challenges and problems. My long range goal is to be a therapist to troubled kids. I would like to have my own office and I'd like for that to be in Washington DC."

Mr. Gilchrist – Staff Security
“I have been at National Prep for seven of their eight years. I go from a social worker, father, uncle, mentor and back to security on a daily basis. I am able to relate to students on their level and have conversations with them to get them to understand how working hard is crucial to not only their success at school but in life. When I first started working here I had a full head of black hair, my hair is now white! I look forward to talking with our students, and understanding their backgrounds. Getting them to get out of their current surroundings and out into the world is beneficial and important to me. The most important thing is that I love that our interactions are authentic and down to earth; I impact their lives. They keep me young at heart. If I can help just one student, I have done my job."

Danielle Wilson – Alumni
“My favorite National Prep memory is studying abroad in the Dominican Republic. I enjoyed meeting people who were different than I am and working with them to help the community. I especially enjoyed the food, beach and weather. Currently I am attending Virginia State and majoring Psychology. After I become a Psychologist, I will then return to school to complete my M.S. (Masters of Science) or Ed.D. (Doctor of Education). National Prep will always let you shine, since 9th grade I have always been pushed to my highest potential by my teachers and staff. They gave me the same support that I was receiving from home and insured me that I would be great at whatever I set out to accomplish in life."
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